Canals in Venice

Venice in Italy is most known from its wide network of canals. The Canale Grande or “Canalazzo” for Venetians, is the main canal of Venice that divides the city into two parts. It is the main communication route and there are located most famous buildings along it.

Many of them belonged to the wealthy Patrician merchant families. Many houses called “fondaco” (houses-warehouses) were built in that area becuase they contained the commercial and residential part of the merchants setteled down in the city (one of the best- known was Fondaco Turkish).

Near Rialto Bridge, one of the most popular and representative for four Venetian canal bridges, tourists can find amazing palaces such as La Ceca. The Canal, almost from the beggining was the most frequent used waterway route for vaporettos, water taxis and gondolas. The best way to see majestic buildings is to sail a gondola along both sides of the canal. The other three bridges of the Grand Canal are Academy Bridge, Scalzi Bridge and  Constitution Bridge.

Every year on the first Saturday of September the canal is hosting the historic Regatta championship, which attracts many typical Venetian boats and tourist willing to participate in or to watch the challenge. Staying during this period requires looking for venice hostels around the city. Apart of summer, the beggining of autumn is a term that is mostly chosen by people to visit Venice.