Canals in Venice

Venice in Italy is most known from its wide network of canals. The Canale Grande or “Canalazzo” for Venetians, is the main canal of Venice that divides the city into two parts. It is the main communication route and there are located most famous buildings along it.

Many of them belonged to the wealthy Patrician merchant families. Many houses called “fondaco” (houses-warehouses) were built in that area becuase they contained the commercial and residential part of the merchants setteled down in the city (one of the best- known was Fondaco Turkish).

Near Rialto Bridge, one of the most popular and representative for four Venetian canal bridges, tourists can find amazing palaces such as La Ceca. The Canal, almost from the beggining was the most frequent used waterway route for vaporettos, water taxis and gondolas. The best way to see majestic buildings is to sail a gondola along both sides of the canal. The other three bridges of the Grand Canal are Academy Bridge, Scalzi Bridge and  Constitution Bridge.

Every year on the first Saturday of September the canal is hosting the historic Regatta championship, which attracts many typical Venetian boats and tourist willing to participate in or to watch the challenge. Staying during this period requires looking for venice hostels around the city. Apart of summer, the beggining of autumn is a term that is mostly chosen by people to visit Venice.

Things to Do and See in Lovely Prague

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, a Central European nation. It’s also a cosmopolitan city that has been rapidly gaining traffic in the international tourist scene for many years now. If you’re going to be visiting Prague or “Praha” any time soon, you can choose between a wide array of amazing tourist attractions. Prague has no shortage of interesting historic and cultural sights available to enthusiastic visitors.

If you want to explore all kinds of historic structures, you should think about visiting St. Vitus Cathedral. St. Vitus Cathedral is a fine example of stunning Gothic architecture. It’s been a big presence in the city since the end of the 1920s.

Prague astronomical clock is yet another significant tourist draw in the city. This medieval timepiece has been around for 600 incredible years now. If you want to gaze at a landmark that’s in many ways a distinctive symbol of Prague, you should pay a visit to this astronomical clock as soon as you arrive.

Other top tourist attractions in Prague are gorgeous Charles Bridge, Municipal House and the Prague Jewish Museum. Prague has a wealth of fabulous choices available to visitors who are fond of all things that involve culture. Tourists are never bored.

Budget accommodations aren’t at all rare in Prague. If you’re searching for a hostel in Prague that won’t negatively affect your finances, you should be able to locate many with ease. If you’re looking for an inexpensive hostel in Prague that’s close to all of the city’s sights and sounds, you should be able to find just as many. Plus Prague Hotel has clean and basic guest units. It also has a sauna and indoor swimming pool for relaxation and physical fitness purposes.

Hostels in Salzburg

Salzburg is a very beautiful city. Every year many tourists come here because there are many interesting sights. The surroundings of Salzburg are also beautiful landscapes. So what’s worth visiting in this city?

A very popular city, which every year is visited by many tourists is Salzburg. This city is located in north-western Austria. Located near the border with Germany in the Alps, on the Salzach River. It is located at an altitude of 424 meters above sea level.

In this city we can find many interesting sights. Very popular is the Hohensalzburg Fortress. It is a castle and at the same time a fortress. It is located on a hill above an old town. It is one of the largest castles in Europe. Many tourists also visit the historic center. In 1996, the historic center of the city was described on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

In the city there are also numerous churches. Very popular is the Franciscan Church and the University Church. In Salzburg there is also the main street of the historic center – Getreidegasse, where at number 9 is the birthplace of Mozart.

Every year many tourists decide to vacation abroad. They are increasingly going to popular cities. We are glad to visit Salzburg, where we can find many interesting attractions. But before we decide to leave, we should think of accommodation. Hostels in Salzburg are an excellent option. These are very good places where we can rent a cheap room.

Christmas fairs in Vienna

Every year before Christmas, the capital of Austria becomes a magic place full of wooden huts, villages, aromatic smells, lights and special delicacies. It is perfect time and place for many people to spend their winter holidays.The Christmas fair usually starts in the first part of December and lasts for aproximately two weeks.

Small shops offer christmas cakes, ornaments for christmas trees, handicraft items or jewlery. Beside shopping visitors can enjoy mulled wine or roasted chewsnuts. Every year in the middle of Rauthauplatz stands huge Christmas tree ususally sponsored by a mayor of the city. It is a peak for turists coming specially to enjoy this unique atmosphere. It highly important to take care of accomodation during Chritmas period. Visitors from around the world look for vienna hostel. Despite of very good hotels infrastructure it is important to book a room before coming.

Vienna is a city full of attraction- after tasting different specials of local cuisine even short walk without special preparation is a great chance to get familiar with Gotic development of Vienna. Beside main Christmas fairs near town hall there is plenty of other worth visiting fairs, for example one on Spittelberg street or Christmas village on Maria-Theresien-Platz or Karlsplatz. All of them offer unusual atmosphere and traditional souvenirs that will remind about Christams trip during all following year.