Things to Do and See in Lovely Prague

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, a Central European nation. It’s also a cosmopolitan city that has been rapidly gaining traffic in the international tourist scene for many years now. If you’re going to be visiting Prague or “Praha” any time soon, you can choose between a wide array of amazing tourist attractions. Prague has no shortage of interesting historic and cultural sights available to enthusiastic visitors.

If you want to explore all kinds of historic structures, you should think about visiting St. Vitus Cathedral. St. Vitus Cathedral is a fine example of stunning Gothic architecture. It’s been a big presence in the city since the end of the 1920s.

Prague astronomical clock is yet another significant tourist draw in the city. This medieval timepiece has been around for 600 incredible years now. If you want to gaze at a landmark that’s in many ways a distinctive symbol of Prague, you should pay a visit to this astronomical clock as soon as you arrive.

Other top tourist attractions in Prague are gorgeous Charles Bridge, Municipal House and the Prague Jewish Museum. Prague has a wealth of fabulous choices available to visitors who are fond of all things that involve culture. Tourists are never bored.

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