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The most beautiful beaches in Corfu

They say life is a beach and the beach is certainly one of the most important ingredients of a good holiday. Corfu's coastline
is awash with wonderful beaches and you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding which one to head for. It is well worth the trip as there are several europe cruise stops in Greece, and Corfu is an excellent way to spend the day while your ship is docked. In Corfu you can find many types of beaches, such as secluded ones... for private things!!! Popular sandy beaches... Rugged and rocky ones. You can pick one according to your personal taste and you'll definitely be satisfied!! enjoy Corfu beaches

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Cooler than most islands in the summer and with mild winters, Corfu island is a nice choice for people who are
afraid they may not be able to handle the heat of southern Greece. Corfu is also one of the most popular islands in Greece and if you want to experience its natural beauty without the people you need to come between October and May. But if you
like people then you will find them in some of the most beautiful resorts (Sidari, Paleokastritsa, Kavos) & hotels in GREECE. Corfu's six-month olive season is the longest of any island in Greece and lush vineyards cover the island.
They also grow many other fruits and vegetables because of its climate and extremely fertile soil. Those of you who have read Homer will remember that this was his last stop before getting back to Ithaka and he could not wait to get home.

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Corfu island situated in the northwestern corner of Greece is the greenest and in the eyes of many, the most beautiful
island in the country, if not the world. With more rainfall than any other island there is a variety and abundance of plant life like few other places in Greek islands and GREECE. Corfu is a few hours by ferry from Brindisi Italy and for many tourists is the only part of Greece they see. Well, if you are only going to see one place in Greece, this greek island (Kerkyra)
is not a bad choice. Some of the most amazing beaches in the world are in Corfu and though tourism has completely taken over most of the coastal areas, the mountain villages are as unspoiled as the most remote in Greece. On the
Eastern side of the island, facing Albania, the land slopes gently to the sea and there are long beaches and bays. But the western side is much more dramatic, steep and rocky with deep coves and beaches. The land to the north of the island is mountainous and gradually descends until you come to Lake Korission separated from the sea by a narrow piece of land

Offering a unique blend of atmosphere, culture, partying, relaxation and fun that is not found almost anywhere else in the world, Greece have always been a top travel destination. Steeped in ancient history Athens was the birthplace of democracy, basic philosophy, mathematics and the sciences. The mix of brilliant weather and beautiful beaches has attracted tourists who want pure relaxation and a family holiday fun. Holidays in Greece are never the same each time with, reasonable prices, delicious cuisines and all the history you could imagine we'll leave it upto you to find all the other reasons.

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corfu beaches